Tips & Tricks - Tire & Trim

By Russell Stanaland

Great tips on our amazing (All-Weather Tire & Trim Treatment) to help make your job a little easier:

1. Always start with this product on all the rubber parts first. Spray this onto the cloth or you can use a kwik pad that has terry cloth wrapped around a piece of sponge. This will prevent you from spraying this all over your car.

2. Do your trunk rubber. All Weather Tire & Trim Treatment will help the rubber seal from drying and turning hard which causes some leaks in the trunk area.

3. Wipe down your door seal's once again our outstanding Tire & Trim Treatment comes to the rescue for those drying seals that cost so much to have replaced.

4. When doing your running boards you can use the Tire & Trim Treatment with the kwik pad turn the pad on it's side and use the edge to get to those tight places between the body of the auto and the running board it self.

5. Do your rear bumper and front bumper rubber or black plastic.

6. When doing your side moldings on your doors, once again use your kwik pad turned on its edge to get into those tight places so you will hydrate the rubber or black plastic.

7. When detailing your car you can use this under the hood to clean up everything and not worry if you get this on any of the electronics as this also waterproofs. To make this an easy job, use a pair of cotton socks flip them inside out so you will have the nap to pick up the dirt. Always remember this is not a dirt ball remover this is for light cleaning.

8. You can also use this to make your wheel-opening's look great by spraying behind the tire.

9. This is a great product for squeaky springs, squeaky door hinges.

10. To detail your tires, remember if you want your tire to look new not shine spray once and wipe. If you are looking for a shiny finishes use two coats and let dry and buff to a shine, if you want even a shinier finish use our Dust-Be-Bone. Remember this becomes part of the rubber and doesn't sling off on the side of your car. Also this hydrates the rubber.

11. You can use this to clean your screens on your house, pools or any plastic screening. You can stack them one on top of each other and spray right on everything. This also gives a great strawberry scent.

12. Other uses: cattle, horse, or boat trailers anything that has wheels.