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Original Classic Formula Dri Wash 'n Guard® 

Dri Wash 'n Guard® cleans, seals, polishes and protects cars, trucks, boats, recreational vehicles, airplanes - virtually any non-porous surface - without using any water. Thanks to exclusive formula Poly-Guard-3®, you just spray Dri Wash 'n Guard® directly on the dirty surface, wipe to a haze and buff off with a clean terry cloth! Now you can have a just-detailed, showroom finish without messy hoses, buckets, cleaners or waxes! Dri Wash 'n Guard® contains no silicones, teflons or other ingredients harmful to your vehicle's paint.

Dri Wash 'n Guard® 32 oz

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But now you want to know, WHY IS IT POSSIBLE TO APPLY DRI WASH 'N GUARD® OVER A DIRTY SURFACE? DRI WASH 'N GUARD® contains 47 ingredients, including wetting agents, lubricants and protectants which have never been used by the car care industry. The detergents and wetting agents in DRI WASH 'N GUARD® combine to soften and emulsify surface grime, while a specific blend of polymeroxane fluids and hydrophenolic lubricants attach a microscopic layer of exclusive PolyGuard-3® to the surface. PolyGuard-3® is an extremely rare (and expensive) substance which provides a bonded layer of protection against any remaining abrasive not broken down by the detergents and wetting agents.

Dri Wash 'n Guard® products maintain the new appearance and condition of everything from cars, boats and other vehicles to household, business, and personal belongings.

You may not own a million dollar show car, but you do have a large investment in whatever vehicle you do own. When you can clean, seal, polish and protect that vehicle's finish for $3.00 or less, why would anyone risk their investment with cheap imitations? Only Dri Wash 'n Guard® ensures superior results and protection, because only Dri Wash 'n Guard® contains exclusive Formula PolyGuard-3 (tm), the formulation that makes the original waterless Car Wash outperform all imitators.

As the name implies, Dri Wash 'n Guard® with Exclusive Formula PolyGuard-3®, was designed to leave your vehicle looking as though it just left the paint booth, without the use of any water or waxes.
Its designation as Dri Wash 'n Guard® is the result of its high luminescence factor. When viewing from a distance, a vehicle polished with Dri Wash 'n Guard® is literally bursting with brilliance. But, "OUT SHINE' is only part of the story!

Wash & Polish Over Dirt!

You Say It Won't Scratch My Car?

Dri Wash N' Guard is a Glass Cleaner Too!

How About Economy?

99 Reasons for using AIRosol

A "Major League" Product!

Professionals Will Love Using Dri Wash!

No Swirl Marks!

Black Chrome

Will Wet Paint Stick to Dri Wash 'n Guard®?

Don't Forget to Polish the Edge of the Hood?

Dri Wash 'n Guard®
Has Many Other Uses

What About Compatibility

You'll Love it at First Sight

32 oz. Bottle: $42.95 US

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